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What can I do for you?                             Call me to discuss your                                                                                               needs today.  615-945-2549 


Creative Consulting

Do you need a plan for your business or creative career? Let me help you think outside the box.

I can provide a plan with invaluable input to help you refocus your valuable time and strategic approach.

This service includes: 

Career path/industry focus consultation.

Instruction and recording in world-class studios for music clients.

Mixing and Mastering

If you have a project already recorded, I can probably make it sound better.

This service includes putting your project in proper technical formats for CD's or downloads, and getting it to iTunes or other music sites.


Custom Projects

Your voice, music and songs deserve only the best. 

I can produce a project for you that is world class.

This service includes me helping you set up song writing sessions, meeting major publishers and selecting songs. 

Consultation on your image and development of your brand.

Organizing your photo shoot and project artwork.


Worship Records

Every worship team needs a great sounding record.

I can produce a project for you that is world class, and fits with current worship.

If you need help with songs, I can set up co-writes with current worship writers.

Having worked with many of the major Christian Artists, I can give you great advise on trends, histories, and styles. But most of all, quality.

This service includes me either bringing your team to Music City Nashville or me coming and recording your team in your own church.





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