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2015 TRUTH ilonka Engineer, Producer, Mixing, Mastering

2014 Best Of Rebecca St. James [Forefront] Rebecca St. James Composer

2014 Valentine's Day David Ian Engineer, Mixing

2014 Classic Christmas ilonka Engineer, Producer, Mixing, Mastering

2014 Christmas Peter Furler Engineer, Mixing

2014 Trouble Made January May Engineer

2013 Sowin' Love/Heroes Paul Overstreet Engineer, Mixing

2013 Vintage Christmas Wonderland David Ian Engineer, Mixing

2012 On the Rocks Matt  Jones Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Mastering

2012 Ever & Ever ilonka Engineer, Producer, Mixing, mastering

2010 As Long As It Takes Meredith Andrews Mixing

2010 Discover: Superchick Superchick Producer

2010 Jesus Joy Of Life ilonka Engineer, Producer, Mixing, Mastering

2010 The Pop Collection: Heart in Motion and House of Love Amy Grant Overdub Engineer

2010 Two for One: Last One Picked/Karaoke Superstars Superchick Producer

2009 Holding On ilonka Engineer, Producer, Mixing

2009 Classical Moments Engineer

2009 Dependence Jamie Slocum Mixing

2008 Crystal Aikin Crystal Aikin Mixing

2008 Michael English/Hope Michael English Engineer, Mixing, Overdub Engineer

2008 Peace on Earth Casting Crowns String Engineer

2008 Relentless Natalie Grant String Engineer

2008 Songs for the Journey Sandi Patty Mixing

2008 Stronger Tammy Trent Mixing

2008 The Ultimate Collection Rebecca St. James Composer, Producer

2007 Broken Fairytale Jessa Arranger, Bass, Composer, Engineer, Guitar, Kalimba, Keyboards, Mandolin, Mastering,   

          Producer, Programming, Synthesizer

2007 My Kinda Christmas Engineer, Mixing

2006 Jammed! Phil Keaggy Engineer, Producer, Mixer

2006 Fly ilonka Engineer, Producer, Mixing

2006 Keep the Light On [Bonus DVD] Bob Carlisle Composer, Engineer, Mandolin, Mixing, Producer, Mastering

2006 Life on Earth Lisa Weyerhaeuser Engineer, Executive Producer, Mandolin, Mixing, Mastering,

2006 Log Cabin Favorites Primary Artist

2006 The Early Years Rebecca St. James Composer, Producer

2005 Alive Kainos Mixing

2005 Somewhere Between Steve Green Engineer, Recording Supervision

2004 I'm Flyin' Skye Moore Audio Engineer, Engineer, Mixing

2004 The Christmas Collection Michael W. Smith Mixing

2003 20th Century Masters - The Christmas Collection: The Best of Amy Grant Amy Grant Track Engineer

2003 Country Drinking Songs Composer

2003 House of Worship Twila Paris Engineer, Mixing

2003 I Knew Pat Waters  Composer

2003 Keith Urban/The Ranch Keith Urban Engineer, Mixing

2003 My Heart Knows Jamie Slocum Mixing

2003 Priceless Kelly Price Engineer

2003 Ready to Fly FFH Engineer, Mixing

2003 Take Hold of Christ Sandi Patty Mixing

2003 The Very Best of Avalon Avalon Engineer

2003 Wait For Me: The Best from Rebecca St. James Rebecca St. James Composer, Producer

2003 Worldwide Audio Adrenaline Engineer

2002 Greatest Story Ever Sung Engineer, Mixing

2002 Karaoke Superstars Super Chick Artist Development, Mixing, Producer

2002 Left Behind 2: Adult Contemporary Mixing

2002 Left Behind 2: Gospel Mixing

2002 Lost in Worship Fusebox Mixing

2002 The Best of Bob Carlisle: Butterfly Kisses & Other Stories Bob Carlisle Engineer, Mixing

2002 Woven and Spun Nichole Nordeman Engineer

2001 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection Engineer, Mixing

2001 CeCe Winans CeCe Winans Engineer

2001 Christmas, My Favorite Time of the Year Paul Overstreet Engineer

2001 Have I Ever Told You FFH Engineer, Mixing

2001 Joy Williams Joy Williams Engineer

2001 Legally Blonde Mixing, Producer

2001 Living by the Book Paul Overstreet Mixing

2001 Oxygen Avalon Engineer

2001 The Christmas Shoes NewSong Mixing

2000 A Songwriter's Project, Vol. 1 Paul Overstreet Mixing

2000 Hallelujah!: The Very Best of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir Engineer, Mixing

2000 Millennium Chorus: The Greatest Story Ever Sung The Millenium Chorus Engineer, Mixing

2000 Nothing but the Truth Bob Carlisle Mixing

2000 These Days Sandi Patty Mixing

2000 Unitone Sampler, Vol. 1: Nine Sounds Nice Noise Engineer

1999 In the Moon of Wintertime: Christmas with Michael Crawford Michael Crawford Engineer, Mixing

1999 Marked for Life Bonnie Keen Engineer

1999 Music to Paint By: Splash Phil Keaggy Engineer, Mixing, Producer

1999 Smoke and Mirrors Henry Lee Summer Engineer

1999 Songs 4 Life: Kids Light Your World! Composer

1998 Christmas Memories Steve Wariner Engineer, Mixing

1998 Christmastime Michael W. Smith Mixing

1998 Father's Love Bob Carlisle Engineer, Mixing

1998 Jack Frost [Original Soundtrack] Engineer, Mixing

1998 Libertad Me Das Sandi Patty Engineer

1998 Obvious 4Him Mixing

1998 Stories from the Heart Bob Carlisle Engineer, Mixing

1998 Ten: The Birthday Album Producer

1998 Touched by an Angel: The Album Engineer

1997 Climb Aaron & Jeoffrey Mixing

1997 Collection Bob Carlisle Composer, Engineer, Horn Engineer, Mixing, Producer, Vocal Arrangement

1997 God with Us: A Celebration of Christmas Carols & Classics Engineer, Mixing

1997 Jesus and Me: The Collection Glen Campbell Engineer, Mixing

1997 My Utmost for the Highest: Anthems Mixing, Producer

1997 Not Perfect Church of Rhythm Engineer

1997 Stained Glass Clay Crosse Engineer

1997 The Ranch Keith Urban Engineer, Mixing

1997 Waiting The Waiting Guitar Engineer, Mixing

1997 Where Strength Begins Phillips, Craig & Dean Engineer, Mixing

1996 220 Phil Keaggy Engineer, Mixing, Producer

1996 Beyond the Blue Beyond the Blue Mixing

1996 Blue Belly Sky The Waiting Engineer, Mixing

1996 Emmanuel [Sparrow] Mixing, Recording Technician

1996 For Me It's You Michelle Wright Engineer

1996 Love Revolution NewSong Engineer

1996 No More Mr. Nice Guy Steve Wariner Engineer

1996 The Letter Steve Green Mixing

1996 The Message [1997] 4Him Engineer

1995 Do You Know This Man? Al Denson Mixing

1995 Gary Oliver Gary Oliver Mixing

1995 Greatest Hits Collection Alan Jackson Engineer

1995 Hymns & Voices Mixing

1995 I'll Lead You Home Michael W. Smith Mixing

1995 Michael O'Brien Michael O'Brien Mixing

1995 My Utmost for His Highest Mixing

1995 One Way: Songs of Larry Norman Drums, Engineer, Mixing, Producer

1995 People Get Ready NewSong Mixing

1995 Rebecca St. James [Remixes] Rebecca St. James Composer

1995 Shake John Schlitt Engineer, Mixing

1995 Wedding Album [Capitol] Producer

1995 Wonderful World Chris Eaton Mixing

1994 Blue Phil Keaggy Engineer, Mixing

1994 Crimson & Blue Phil Keaggy Engineer, Mixing

1994 Find It on the Wings Sandi Patty Engineer, Mixing

1994 Fire in the Temple Jag Engineer, Mixing

1994 One Christmas Eve Wayne Watson Track Engineer

1994 Poiema Michael Card Mixing

1994 Rebecca St. James Rebecca St. James Arranger, Composer, Engineer, Mixing, Producer

1994 Suddenly Reba & Dony McGuire Engineer

1994 The Contemporary Christian Hits '92 & '93 Engineer, Mixing

1994 The Hope of a Man Bob Carlisle Producer, Engineer, Mixing

1994 The Saviour: Story of God's Passion for His People Engineer, Mixing

1994 The Season of Love 4Him Engineer

1994 The Very Best of Millie Jackson Millie Jackson Engineer

1994 Where Mercy Begins Steve Green Engineer, Mixing

1993 A Beautiful Place Wayne Watson Engineer, Mixing

1993 Bob Carlisle Bob Carlisle Composer, Engineer, Mixing, Producer

1993 Facts of Love Kim Boyce Engineer

1993 Le Voyage Sandi Patty Engineer, Mixing

1993 Revelator Phil Keaggy Engineer

1993 Slamdunk Henry Lee Summer Engineer

1993 The New Young Messiah Engineer, Mixing

1993 Tracy Byrd Tracy Byrd Engineer

1993 You Oughta Know by Now Rachel Rachel Engineer, Keyboards, Percussion, Pre-Production Engineer

1992 A Lot About Livin' (And a Little 'Bout Love ) Alan Jackson Engineer

1992 Afternoon Tapestry Mixing

1992 Another Time & Place Rob Crosby Engineer

1992 Eveningb Tapestry Associate Producer, Engineer, Mixing

1992 Home for Christmas Amy Grant Audio Engineer, Engineer, Track Engineer

1992 How Time Flies Wayne Watson Engineer

1992 Hymns: A Portrait of Christ Steve Green Engineer

1992 Love Is Strong Paul Overstreet Engineer, Mixing

1992 Love Is the Better Way Vince Ebo Mixing

1992 Michael English Michael English Engineer, Mixing

1992 Morning Tapestry Associate Producer, Engineer, Mixing

1992 No Compromise: Remembering the Music of Keith Green Mixing

1992 The Basics of Life 4Him Engineer, Mixing

1992 The Fallen One Threk Michaels Engineer

1992 The Great Adventure Steven Curtis Chapman Mixing

1991 Cry for the Deser Twila Paris Engineer

1991 Heart in Motion Amy Grant Overdub Engineer

1991 Heroes Paul Overstreet Engineer, Mixing

1991 I Am Ready Steve Wariner Engineer

1991 Justice Exile Mixing

1991 Open for Business Sandi Patty Engineer

1991 Simple House Margaret Becker Engineer

1991 The World as Best as I Remember It, Vol. 1 Rich Mullins Engineer, Mixing

1990 Go West Young Man Michael W. Smith Engineer

1990 Immigrant's Daughter Margaret Becker Engineer

1990 Ultimate Underlying No Denying Motivation Wes King Engineer, Mixing, Overdub Engineer, Overdubs

1990 People Get Ready Bob Dylan movie soundtrack Flashback

1989 I've Got Everything Henry Lee Summer Engineer, Mixing

1989 Never Picture Perfect Rich Mullins Engineer, Mixing

1989 Revival David Mullen Overdub Engineer

1988 Bigger World Donna McElroy Engineer

1988 Can't Stand Too Tall Rick Cua Engineer, Mixing

1988 The Tide Is Turning Millie Jackson Engineer

1987 No Frills Paul Smith Engineer

1987 Peace in the Midst of the Storm Dino Engineer

1986 Scrimshaw Nathan DiGesare Engineer

1984 Vital Signs WhiteHeart Engineer

1983 Man in the Mirror Jim Glaser Engineer, Mixing,

Give Your Life Angelo & Veronica Mixing

Icon Rebecca St. James Composer, Producer

Living Your Dream Danika Holmes Mixing

RSVP: Robyn Sonneveldt Very Personal Robyn Sonneveldt Engineer

Reasons Sibyl Meyer Composer

Telephone, TX  Jerry Kilgore Engineer


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