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Bill Deaton is a respected veteran of the music business, with a career spanning 30 years in production and engineering that includes working with artists such as Alan Jackson, Keith Urban, Bob Carlisle, Rebecca St. James, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Amy Grant, and Michael W. Smith.


“I have spent many years in public relations through business and the music industry. The skills I have practiced give me great life experience with people and business. That insight does not come easily. It is born first out of a love for people, and the passion for creative arts and music from a very early age, and honed by years of hard work with top artists, producers, arrangers, musicians, and companies. This is my element.” Bill Deaton 




Recording and Mixing Records 1981-2014

Bill has lent his creative skills to many of the top artists in Nashville over the last 30 years from Alan Jackson to Amy Grant and Bob Dylan. There are at least 15 Grammy Awards and nominations for artists on the specific albums he has worked on, CMA's for Alan Jackson, and lots of Dove Awards for many others in Christian Music, including Meredith Andrews’ "How Great is the Love" in 2011.


Keith Urban, Bob Dylan, Crystal Aiken, Natalie Grant, Casting Crowns, Tammy Trent, Kelly Price, Ilonka, Twila Paris, Audio Adrenaline, Bob Carlisle, Rebecca St. James, Sandi Patti, Steve Green, Maura O’Connell, Steven Curtis Chapman, Noel Paul Stookey, Michael Crawford, Henry Lee Summer, Johnny Cash, Paul Overstreet, 4Him, Phil Keaggy, Pat Leonard, The Waiting, Angelo and Veronica, Chris Eaton, Graham Kendrick, Wayne Watson, Tracy Bird, Kim Boyce, Rachel Rachel, Vince Ebo, Rich Mullins, Margaret Becker, Duane Eddy, The Art of Noise, Out of the Grey, David Mullin, Paul Smith, Millie Jackson, Kainos, Ric Cua, Dino, Jim Glaser, Kathie Lee Gifford, Whiteheart, Kenneth Copeland, Al Denson, Phillips Craig & Dean, Aaron Jeffery, The Gaither Vocal Band, Donnie McClurkin, CeCe Winans, Shirley Caesar, Joy Williams, Superchick, NewSong, FuseBox, Nichole Norderman, Clay Crosse, Michelle Wright, John Schlitt, Reba and Dony McGuire, Exile, Wes King, Michael English, Avalon, and FFH. Movie soundtracks and trailers that include Legally Blond, Alias, Michael Keaton’s Jack Frost, the Arnold Schwarzenegger/Danny Devito movie Twins, and Dennis Hopper/ Keifer Sutherland’s Flashback, and Charlotte’s Web.


President of ilonka Ministries 2010-Present

ilonka Ministries Counseling Center exists to provide Biblical, Christian counseling strategies to encourage people with a healthier life, mind, body and soul, through the love of Jesus Christ.



Owner of Record Company, Gambit Music Group 2004-2015

In 2004, Bill formed Gambit Music Group to provide a creative outlet for production, writing, and creative development abilities. He developed marketing strategies to promote his artists. Secured national and international record distribution and digital distribution.


Owner of Up Artist Development 2007-2014

Formed in 2007 and to focus attention in a more streamlined manner. UPAD, Up Artist Development, is a business providing record production and consultation in the music industry. UPAD continues to provide critical creative services for aspiring artists.


Film Scoring 2014

Wrote, programmed and scored the film 8 Days, a major human-trafficking film that premiered across the US August through September of 2014. Currently preparing for another film for 2015.


Radio Advertising and Marketing 2012

Provided radio, newspaper, and TV music and video content for the Thrivent Financial Girls Night Out and Woman Wise tour. Acquired artist endorsements for the tour.


Live Sound and Broadcast 1981-Present

Live concert mixing for Ilonka Ministries live music and speaking events. Worked on virtually every mixing desk. SSL, Neve, Harrison, Euphonics, API, Soundcraft, Roland. Recorded and mixed live bands for satellite broadcast and live recordings. Live recordings for Steven Curtis Chapman’s “Show Hope” and “The Movement” with the band Caleb. Jars of Clay, Hanson, Derek Webb, Charlie Peacock with “Blood Water Mission” at The Ryman Auditorium. Frances Chan live and satellite events. Mixed live for the Dove Awards show and broadcast at the Opry House. Toured with Russ Taff FOH. Live event mixing with Girl’s Night Out and Women Wise 2012. Produced the Michael W. Smith worship kickoff for the Gospel Music Association Immerse conference 2012, and recording the Steven Curtis Chapman Live Anniversary Event for Memorial Day 2013.


Professor of Recording Arts 2014

Adjunct instructor at Dark Horse Institute Engineering and Recording Arts School in Franklin, TN



Cumberland College, Belmont College, Whitefield Theological (Honorary Doctorate of Music), Light University (Certification in Biblical Counseling under the American Association of Christian Counselors AACC 2013)


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Letter of Commendation from Phil Keaggy:

“Blessed are the peacemakers", Jesus said. That statement holds promise in every vocation and walk of life. How true, even in that world known as the "Music Business!"
When Bill Deaton produced one of my recordings, I watched him as he interacted with other musicians and studio personal. His manner was one of joy and peace; a kind of ease in the environment of the creative meets the business of music. Cheerful in this role, Bill was a delight to work with and brought the best out in me as a player. He has a knack with teaming creative people together for a great purpose. He enjoys seeing others shine in their gifts. Bill also has a sense of humor and loves a good laugh. Mainly though, what most impressed me about Bill was his love of God and his family. He resonates with those whose life's desire is to  see the good news spread and so to make this world a better place for all of us. As a father and husband, he is both loved and respected by his kin without being demanding of it.Someone has said, "True authority is recognized, not imposed." Bill has served in his church and ran for a local city/state government position. This I believe was to be a beacon there where he could serve.This is an attempt to put into words some observations of my friend Bill. I feel some
recognition is befitting for Bill Deaton, as he strikes me as one who would rather see others get recognized. His imprint is on more music of the kingdom than one would ever know.I'm glad to call him “brother."Phil Keaggy
Recording Artist

Letter of Commendation from Vince Emmett:

I have known Bill Deaton for 16 years. My affiliation with him has been through the music industry. If I were to be very accurate about his impact on my career it would be correct to say nearly every part of what I do now is a result of Bill unselfishly connecting me to the industry. At first I thought I might be a rarity but as you meet more and more people that know Bill you see it is how he looks at art and commerce. He is a quiet leader that attracts and connects people. A rare and unusual "down to earth" person that quickly becomes your 'Go to guy' in any aspect of this business. I full heartedly think it is about time that someone so life prepared, skilled and genuine lead a company that I know will have

major impact on people and this business, that in these changing times needs strong leaders.


Vince Emmett Music Producer, Composer and Director of Artist Camp Nashville, TN 615-330-5720


Letter of Commendation from Chad Hall:

“You can always count on a Bill Deaton mix to be as perfect as you can get.  Early in my career when I would mix front of house audio, I would tune my system using the opening track from Bob Carlisle's "Stories From The Heart" because the orchestral arrangement was so sonically superb, it sounded as if you were listing to it live. I have always known Bill to be a non-compromise" audio engineer on every piece of work I have heard. “

Chad Hall
Take One Film and Video
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